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Succeed Without Sacrifice And Live A Life You Love

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Succeed Without Sacrifice And Live A Life You Love



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Feeling Overwhelmed And Ready To Take Back Control Of Your Life?

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Hi, I'm Tara

I am The Busy2Balance Positive Psychology Coach who has risen through the ranks at Adobe & Virgin Media O2 by writing my own Rule book and playing to my strengths.

I now coach internationally to help professionals to succeed without sacrifice to create a life they love so that they don’t let fear get in the way of them reaching their potential like I nearly did...

Are you a busy professional who wants:

βœ“ Increased confidence
βœ“ Higher job satisfaction
βœ“ Higher performance
βœ“ Greater success
βœ“ Increased impact
βœ“ Better well-being
βœ“ Increased happiness

Let me help you on this path so you can grow in confidence, take your career to the next level and overcome your fear.

3 Ways We Can Work Together

1-1 Coaching

Working directly with me on a personal 1-1 basis you’ll have the unique opportunity to really dig deep.

Together we'll help you understand what’s holding you back, the steps you want to take and how to take control of your life and career to elevate your success and happiness. 


Group Coaching

An opportunity to build fantastic relationships with others just like you, who are ready to take control of their lives too.

I know you'll be amazed how quickly you’ll be championing each other and encouraging each other to reach your goals and feel the unconditional support & love that comes from a program like this.


Corporate Workshops

Help your team to maximise their impact with one of my high-energy workshops. 

Choose from a playbook of my signature workshops or build a bespoke program to create a tribe of employees who are more engagedclearer on their goals and able to make a bigger impact in your business.


Ruth Weiss, Germany

I reached out to Tara at a time when I felt stuck, overwhelmed and powerless, when work-life and family life seemed to be inextricably connected and impacting one another in a debilitating manner. As the firm non-believer in coaching that I was, I am still completely struck by the results gained after only a few sessions.

Tara revealed strengths and skills I had forgotten about and put me back in full control mode of my life. I am super grateful.

Yousif Rayamajhi, UK

Tara is an exceptional coach and through our work together I discovered I had deep-rooted psychological barriers that had been hindering my career progression.

With Tara's help, I now have a clearer vision of my career aspirations, and I have learned to better manage my emotions, resulting in increased effectiveness in both professional and personal contexts. My mindset has been forever changed.

If you are seeking personal or professional growth, I am confident that Tara will have a positive impact on your development.


"You Can't Go Back And Change The Beginning, But You Can Start Where You Are And Change The Ending" C.S. Lewis